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  1. California Clerk Policies 

    1. Alameda Criminal Court
    2. Fresno County
    3. Kern County
    4. King County
    5. Merced County - Civil
  2. California - General 

    1. Coalition Legislative Update - California
    2. Active Courts in California
    3. California eChecks
    4. eFile CA: Credit Card Convenience Fee
    5. eFile CA: What credit card types are allowed?
  3. Illinois - General 

    1. Special Instructions from the Circuit Court of Cook County
    2. Cook County FAQs
    3. Cook County eFiling Tips
    4. Cook County link for special eFiling instructions
  4. Indiana Clerk Policies 

    1. Cass County Circuit, Superior Courts 1 and 2
    2. Clark County
    3. Elkhart County
    4. Franklin County
    5. Grant County
  5. Indiana-General Information  

    1. Live counties in Indiana
    2. eFile IN: Time Zones for State of Indiana
    3. Indiana changes effective July 1, 2017
    4. eFile IN: Initial Filings vs Subsequent Filings
    5. eFile IN: Public Service List
  6. Texas Clerk Policies 

    1. Document Upload Policy - Texas Appellate Courts and Supreme Court
    2. Document Upload Policy - Special Requirements for Appellate eFilings
    3. Document Upload Policy - Aransas County - District Court
    4. Document Upload Policy - Austin District
    5. Document Upload Policy - Bastrop County - District
  7. Texas - General 

    1. What is the Public Service Contact List?
    2. R.A.C.E.R. - Providing Access to Court Documents
    3. How do I file a jury demand?
    4. How do I file an answer and counterclaim?
    5. How to File Vacation Letter in Dallas Distict
  8. Texas - eCitation 

    1. General Information about eCitations
    2. eCitations - Bowie County District Clerk
    3. eCitations - Cameron County District Clerk
    4. eCitations - Collin County District Clerk
    5. eCitations - Dallas County District Clerk
  9. General 

    1. What browsers do you support?
    2. Is FileTime free of charge?
    3. What are the system requirements for efiling?
    4. How to download a copy of the file marked document from FileTime
    5. How to Update Your Email Address
  10. Admin 

    1. Can the Firm Information be updated?
    2. How can I delete an entire registered firm?
    3. Direct Additional eFiling and eService Notification Emails
    4. Using the Case Templates Feature
    5. Generating Reports in FileTime
  11. Documents 

    1. Document Standards for eFiled Documents
    2. Creating Seachable Documents
    3. Submitting Scanned PDF Files
    4. Can I submit a Word document?
    5. Is there a max document size that can be uploaded?
  12. eFiling 

    1. Return for Correction Filings
    2. Why Am I not Able to eFile?
    3. Is Silverlight a system requirement for efiling?
    4. What Does Returned for Correction Mean?
    5. Clerks Can Make Changes to eFilings
  13. eService 

    1. How do I add counsel to my service list from the Public Service Contact List?
    2. How to Add Additional eService Recipients
    3. How do I retrieve eService documents?
    4. Why am I showing as an eService Recipient for Opposing Counsel's Firm?
    5. What is the difference between eService Contacts, eService Recipients, and Non-Firm Service Contacts?
  14. Registration / Login 

    1. How do I register to e-file?
    2. When I try to register, the system tells me my email is already in use, what should I do?
    3. Do I have to verify my e-mail to complete registration?
    4. What is registering as an independent user?
    5. How do I add a user?
  15. All articles 

    1. Document Standards for eFiled Documents
    2. How do I create a payment account?
    3. What browsers do you support?
    4. Can I file multiple documents in one transaction?
    5. Not Receiving eFiling Status Emails
    459 articles 

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