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Creating Seachable Documents

You are required to submit text-searchable PDF files when submitting eFilings into the appellate, district, county court at law, and probate courts.

There are at least four ways to create text-searchable PDF files:
  1. Use the PDF conversion feature in later versions of Microsoft Word and WordPerfect to create PDFs directly from your word processor files. The resulting product will be a text-searchable PDF file.
  2. Use a PDF print function such as PDF Distiller that ships with Adobe Acrobat Standard and Professional to create text-searchable PDF files.
  3. Run a scanned-to-PDF file through an OCR process to convert the file into a text-searchable PDF file.
  4. Upload your documents directly to FileTime during the eFiling process and let our document converter turn that them into text-searchable PDFs for you.

NOTE: An attorney does not have to physically sign his/her documents. In lieu of the written signature, type the following in the usual place of the signature: /s/ Attorney Name

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