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What is the difference between eService Contacts, eService Recipients, and Non-Firm Service Contacts?

eFileTexas maintains the service contact list for every case in the eFileTexas system. The case service contact list contains all service contacts provided by all counsel in the case. This includes the service contacts your firm submits for the case as well as any service contacts provided by other counsel.

eFileTexas makes no distinction between eService Contacts, eService Recipients, and Non-Firm Service Contacts. FileTime created the latter two labels to emphasize the differences among the three.

They consider everyone added to their service contacts list for a case to be service contacts.

At FileTime we find that to be somewhat confusing so we make a distinction between eService Contacts and eService Recipients:

  1. eService Contacts are your attorneys and staff members that your firm is submitting to the eFileTexas service contacts list for the case. Your eService Contacts will be provided to counsel as eService Recipients when they want to eServe your firm.
  2. eService Recipients are the service recipients for counsel to whom you will be eServing when you submit the filing. They may be defaulted onto the eService Recipients list for your case because they have previously added themselves to the case service list. If they have not done so, you may search for them from the Public Service Contact List and add them to your eService Recipients list.
  3. Non-Firm Service Contacts are the service contacts for other case counsel your firm adds to the case because that counsel has not made him/herself available to be eServed in the case. Technically, eFileTexas is enabling you to add that counsel as a service contact associated with your firm, but you are able to add that counsel's firm name to thow that the counsel is not a member of your firm.

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