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How do I file a jury demand?

Question: How do I file a jury demand?

Answer: The answer varies depending on whether the jury demand accompanies the filing of the original petition or if you are filing the jury demand afterwards.

If you are requesting the Jury Demand along with the filing of the Petition, just select Jury Fee under Additional Court Services and submit your filing as you normally would.

But, to file the jury demand after you filed the petition, follow these steps:

  1. Create a cover letter that you will file as your lead document, You can type as little as you wish on this cover letter as it is simply a place-holder.
  2. Begin an existing-case submission for this case.
  3. Select No Fee Documents as the Filing Code and change the Filing Description to Jury Demand.
  4. Upload your cover letter as the lead document.
  5. Select Jury Fee in the  Additional Court Services section.
  6. Complete your submission in the normal manner.

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