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Cook County FAQs

FAQs – Cook County E-Filing




Will the new system maintain the old system’s functionality in generating documents such as summons, appearances, and notices of motions?


No, no documents will be generated for you.



Will we need to add attorneys as service contacts in existing cases to get e-notifications, or will that be carried over from the old system?


Cook County says all data is being moved over.

Will there be written guidelines for document formatting for Cook Co beyond the Electronic Document Standards?


For example, at least some jurisdictions require notices of motions and motions to be filed as separate co-lead documents within the same envelope. And some require notices, motions, and certificates of service to be in the same PDF, but exhibits in a separate PDF with a cover sheet bearing a case caption.


None yet.

What is the actual file size limit for envelopes in the trial courts? The eFileIL Electronic Document Standards say 25mb per document and 50mb per envelope, but I’ve seen vendors saying 35 is the maximum per envelope that eFileIL can handle.


50 MB is the max right now

Will there still be an option for summons and complaints filed in the new system to be delivered to the Sheriff by the clerk, as in the old system?









When filing Citations to Discover Assets – these types of filings usually need to be filed into Calendar 5 even though the case number may be a Law division or Chancery division case number.


-Would we select the location as Cook County-Civil-District 1- Chicago OR Cook County-Law-District 1-Chicago?


Law District 1


*If we have an Order transferring the case into Calendar 5, we would definitely upload that.


If we represent multiple Defendants and are filing a motion on behalf of ALL Defendants, in the “Party Information” area do we just select one Defendant? 





If we represent 4 Defendants and we are filing a motion on behalf of only 2 Defendants, do we select only one Defendant to file on behalf of?



Then when we get to the “Filings” section in the “Filing Description” field, do we then type in the names of just the Defendants that are filing that motion? (E.g. Defendants ABC Company and John Doe’s Motion to Compel) 



Yes you can


If the Motion has 5 exhibits, we would file the Motion as the Lead Document and then file the exhibits in the “Attachments” section.  


Do we upload each and every exhibit as a separate document OR do we combine all 5 exhibits into one PDF and upload the exhibits as one document?



Do the exhibits need a cover sheet with the case caption and something like “Exhibit A to Motion to Dismiss”? 






You can but make sure it does not exceed the GB size






I would include

Documents under seal and we have an Order allowing docs to be filed under seal. If we are filing a Motion that has 5 exhibits and ONE of the exhibits is to be filed under seal:

-we would upload the Motion as the Lead Document and then we upload each exhibit separately? 



If you are filing all together you would pick the ‘confidential’ and include court order. If it is only one document out of all – I would do a separate envelope and upload the order with it


we would select the Security option for the exhibit to be filed under seal as “Confidential”. Do we upload a placeholder that says something like “Exhibit A – Document Filed Under Seal” or do we file the actual exhibit?



File actual exhibit with order – the system will be triggered to seal on our case management system


Is any document filed under the “Confidential” security setting available to the public?



  Is it listed or designated on the docket that the document was filed under seal?









If we are filing a motion and need a hearing date, do we add the attorney code and the word Motion on one line or two separate lines?

You would add the attorney code first, then hit ‘add’ key. Then you would add the word ‘motion’ in the case cross reference field. Go to the drop down and pick motion type. And then again hit the ‘add’ key. Then ‘save changes’


Where/when does the calendar appear to select the hearing date? 



At the end


The hearing date calendar should come up after u check box for return date note applicable, then check the disclaimer, then the hearing date date box should come up. I know it is unconventional but this was not our choice.





If we are filing a new complaint and need to issue a summons, we file the complaint and exhibits and also upload a summons?



-We choose a return date for the summons. Do we get a summons back with that date and the clerk’s seal at the bottom? 










Probate- How do we file original Wills? Do we still need to bring those in person?


Still done conventionally; out of scope per AOIC/Supreme Court




e-file into an existing Chancery case. They entered the case number various ways but the case did not come up. What happens if the case does not come up?


Check and see how it was entered first, it should be the four digit year, the CH should be all caps, and it should be the full case number, including zeroes. If it still does not come up, she would need to call file and serve, it would be on their end.






In cases with many parties (e.g., asbestos cases), we are seeing only one plaintiff and one defendant with the following message on the party information screen: “xxx additional parties excluded due to system constraints.”


How can we add our attorneys as service contacts or file as a party when not all parties are listed?


Unfortunately with this system, you cannot add multiple litigants – that’s why we had to make sure it was in the instruction sheet we passed out for the presentation.


If you would like to add courtesy copies, add the email addresses in the courtesy copy section;

if you want to add additional service contacts, after you upload your documents and save your changes, the next section is service contacts.


Go to ‘other service contacts, hit the actions button and go to ‘add new service contact’ if it is an existing service contact, you can click on that.



I spoke to Tyler Technologies about the “Courtesy Copies” box.


If we add email addresses there, those people will ONLY receive the “accepted” notifications.


The “rejected” notifications ONLY go to the person who logged in and did the e-filing. There is no option to add a contact to receive rejected notifications (in Odyssey).



Tyler Technologies advised that most law firms are creating email rules so that any email that comes in from and/or get auto forwarded to someone.



We can log into Odyssey and look at the Firm’s Filing History and see what filings have been rejected.


How do we file a joint forcible, 3rd party counterclaims in Muni?



How do we enter case numbers for 4 letter divisions, e.g.






For municipal cases drop the letter “M” in the case number.  Case number in Cook County will have NO dashes NO spaces


For illustration only:

Case Year -Division Code- Case #

2018   2   123456




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