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Document Upload Policy - Special Requirements for Appellate eFilings

There are a number of special requirements for eFiling into the appellate courts. Those special requirements include:
  • Your submitted documents must be text-searchable PDF files.
  • All documents must be combined into a single document for each filing.
  • You must redact all confidential information prior to eFiling a document.
  • Include any appendix materials in the single PDF file.
  • Margins must be at least one inch on each side, top, and bottom.
  • Text must be double-spaced, but footnotes, block quotations, short lists, and issues or points of error may be single-spaced.
  • A document produced on a computer must be printed in a conventional typeface no smaller than 14-point except for footnotes, which must be no smaller than 12-point

Additionally, there are some recommendations:

  • Use bookmarks to enable the reader to quickly jump to specific points in the document.
  • Set the initial view of your PDF to display the bookmarks.
  • Do not add any links to URLs or other destinations outside of the document - eFileTexas is not be able to process PDFs containing external links.
  • Do not create any active email links in the document - eFileTexas is also not able to process PDFs containing active email links.

If you do not know how to perform any of the above, you can find information about each on the Internet using your favorite search engine.

*Note: The appellate courts no longer require paper copies after the eFiling submission.*

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