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How to Update Your Email Address

There are two ways to update your email address in the eFileManager system. Updating your email address through FileTime will update your email address throughout the system.

Your Firm eFiling Administrator

If you are a filer and not a firm eFiling administrator, only a firm administrator can change your email address using the following process:

  • Login at
  • Click the Admin button on the top navigation bar.
  • Go to Firm Users on the sub-menu and highlight your name on the list of registered firm users.
  • In the User Details section in the right column your Admin will change your email address and click the Save Changes button.


If you are a firm administrator, you can update your email address following these instructions:

  • Login at
  • Go to My Account on the top menu bar.
  • Click the Personal Info button on the sub-menu..
  • Change your email address on the Personal Info page and click the Update button

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