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Return for Correction Filings

A few things to know when submitting a Return for Correction Filing

  • When the clerk returns your filing they don't accept any fees for the submission. You will see all fees again when going through the return for correction process.
  • Be sure to re-select any additional court services needed to be paid to the court.
  • When you go through the return for correction process you will receive a new submission ID number to replace the old ID number.
  • When the clerk receives your filing they are notified that the filing was originally returned for correction. It is then that they have the option to give the original file stamp date and time.

Ways to begin the Return for Correction process

  1. Click on Submit Filing, and choose This is a Return for Correction Filing. You will see a dialouge box open with options to select the submission that was returned to you.
  2. Click on Alerts, and scroll to the box showing Return for Correction by Clerk. You can search by submission ID, and click on Resubmit when ready.
  3. Click on Filings/Submissions tab. Search by the submission ID number that was returned to you. Once you have selected it, look over to the right side of the screen. You will see Filing/Submission Details. Click on the red Retry button to begin the process.
Please contact us with any further questions you may have about the Return for Correction process.

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