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eFileIN: Using the Public Service List

The Public Service List (PSL) is a directory of people who have agreed to receive service of filings vice eMail in Trial and Appellate cases. According to Indiana State eFiling rules, by designating a contact as “Public,” you agree to accept service through that contact. However, who you may add to the list is limited:

  • You may add yourself.
  • If you have a firm-wide account with authorization to manage other contacts, you may add members of your firm.
  • You may not add other parties, regardless of whether you have their permission. They are responsible for adding themselves to the list.

Furthermore, if the party you wish to serve is not already on the PSL, you may not serve them by email, instead, you must execute service conventionally.

 FileTime does offer the ability for fax service if a particular person isn’t on the PSL, but you have their fax number.

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