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Send copies of all firm-wide status emails to me?

Question: I want our firm administrator to receive copies of all the notifications of eFiling status sent to my firm members. Is that possible?

Answer: Yes, in FileTime you can designate whoever you want to receive copies of notification emails sent to your firm members. You can even specify to a degree, which emails are copied to that person. Here's how:

As an eFiling Firm Administrator (only eFiling Firm Administrators can perform this task) login to

Click the Admin tab on the top navigation bar.

Click the Firm Contacts button on the sub-navigation bar.

You will see displayed on the Firm Contacts page any firm contacts your firm has already added . If you need to edit any of them do so in the Contact Details section and click the Save Changes button.

Click the Add Contact button to add a new firm contact.

Add the contact's information.

Select the most appropriate Firm Contact Type for this contact. Don't worry if none of the options are close matches.

Check any firm-wide notification emails you want this person to receive. For instance, if you want this person to receive copies of the FileTime Notification of Service Status emails sent to any filer in your firm.

We have the ability to resend notification status emails. Please contact 800-658-1233 for more information.

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