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How to update firm service contacts

Question: How do I update the contact information for our firm service contacts?

Answer: eFileTexas allows only firm eFiling administrators to update already created firm service contacts. Here is how to do so.

Login to

Click on the Admin tab (A) on the top navigation bar.

Click the Services button (B) on the sub-navigation bar.

Click Firm Service Contacts (C) on the drop-down menu.

You are now on the Service Contacts page and all your firm service contacts are displayed.

Click the firm Service Contact you want to update (D) so it is highlighted.

The Contact Details section opens for that Service Contact. Now you can update the:

  • Service Contact's name (E).
  • Service Contact's Email address (F).
  • Add an additional email address to receive a copy of any eService notification emails sent to this Service Contact (G).
  • Save the changes you made above (H).
  • Delete the Service Contact from your firm account (I).

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