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eCitations - Smith County District Clerk

To request eCitation from the Smith County District clerk's office follow these procedures:

Note: In this jurisdiction the clerks automatically email the citations to the email address of the filer. They will also do the same for signed orders/

You do not need to submit any kind of request form along with the pleading.

If submitting this request as a subsequent filing after filing your original petition:

  1. Create a cover letter in the form of a request for citation of service:

  2. Provide the:

    • Court
    • Cause Number
    • Case Style

    Provide the name and address of each party.

    After each party is listed, enter this: Return this citation to [name] at [email address].

  3. Then submit your filing.
    • Begin a filing in your usual manner.
    • Upload your cover letter as the lead document
    • Under Additional Court Services, find the Issue Citation option and request the number of citations needed.
    • Do not request copies.
    • Complete the filing in your usual manner.

When the citation has been prepared the clerk's office will email a copy of the citation to you.

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