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How to remove firm service contacts/eservice recipients from a case

Question: How do I remove our firm's service contacts/eservice recipients when we are no longer a party to a case?

Answer: Assuming that you are asking about how to remove a firm service contact from a case, the answer depends entirely on which firm initially added the service contact to the case.

If your firm added the service contact to the case anyone in your firm can quite easily remove that service contact from the case using these instructions.

If you are not able to remove the service contact using those instructions them that service contact was added to the case by another firm. We will have to have eFileTexas remove that service contact from the case for you. You need to provide us the following information for us to make this request:

  1. The name and email address of the service contact to be removed from the case,
  2. The jurisdiction of the case, and
  3. The Case Number.

If you do not have the jurisdiction and case number, provide us the Submission/Envelope ID number of of an eService notification sent to that service contact.

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