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eFiling Fees Explained

Question: Can you explain what the fees are in an eFiling?

Answer: Sure. We'll skip the court fees as you probably already know what they are.

  1. Case Initiation Fee - This fee is charged upon the filing of any civil action or proceeding requiring a filing fee, including an appeal, and on the filing of any counterclaim, cross-action, intervention, interpleader, or third-party action. It is added to the document filing fee so you do not see it as a separate fee. The amount is $30 for appellate, district, county court at law, and probate cases. It is $10 for JP courts and $5.00 for criminal matters.
  2. eFile(State) Convenience Fee - eFileManager charges a credit card processing fee of 2.89% of all the fees in a submission. Add all the court costs in the submission plus any fees listed here and then multiply by 2.89% and that will total to the eFileManager Convenience Fee.
  3. Jurisdiction Service Fee - The Supreme Court allows jurisdictions to collect the $2.00 service fee until they have recouped their costs of instituting eFiling. After they recoup their costs they can no longer collect this fee.
  4. Service Provider Fee - The service provider through which you are submitting a filing charges a fee for their service it will be reflected here.
  5. Sales Tax - Service providers must pay sales tax on any service provider fees collected with the submission. Sales tax is only collected on the service provider fee, however.

Credit Card Charges

Depending on the fees and types of fees for a submission, there may be no debits, one debit, or two debits for each submission:

  1. EFILE(STATE)(XXXXXXX) - This debit will reflect any fees paid to the jurisdiction including court costs and the $2.00 service fee.
  2. TYLER EFILE(STATE) CONV FEE - This fee is collected by Tyler Technology, the managing partner for eFileManager. It includes any service provider fee, sales tax on the service provider fee, and any eFileManager Convenience Fee.

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