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Setting up a new firm account

After registering a firm account the three most important tasks for you as the firm eFiling Administrator are:

  1. Set up the firm Payment Account(s),
  2. Set up the firm Service Contacts, and
  3. Register your attorneys and staff or enable them to register themselves.

Set up the firm Payment Account

Your firm filers will not be able to submit any filings in the eFileManager system until you have set up at least one Payment Account.

You can set up as many payment accounts as needed; you can even create a Payment Account for each attorney if desired.

Additionally, you can create a Waiver Payment Account for use in indigent cases in which all eFiling fees are to be waived.

View instructions for creating and managing Payment Accounts >>

Set up the the firm Service Contacts

A service contact is an attorney, or staff member that your firm assigns to a case. That person will then receive eServices submitted by other case counsel.

While you firm members can add service contacts during a submission, it makes it easier for them if you create the service contacts up front.

Learn how to add firm service contacts >>

Register your firm staff of enable them to register themselves

Now that you've set up your firm account, your attorneys, as well as your stafff, need to be registered witht the eFileManager system.

Learn how to register staff and allow them to register themselves >>

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