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Why am I no longer getting copies of eServices to my attorney?

Question: Why has my name been dropped from the e-service list on the case below? My attorney has been getting served with documents but I have not. Please correct if you can.

Answer: While we cannot say for certain without more information, the most likely reason is that your opposing counsel added your attorney as a non-firm service contact to his firm and  is serving your attorney through that service contact.

In other words, instead of searching the Public Service Contact List for your attorney (the listing for your attorney under which you are registered with eFileTexas to receive an Administrative copy of any eServices), opposing counsel created another instance of a service contact for your attorney. Unfortunately, this one does not have you listed with eFileTexas to be sent an administrative copy.

Here is our recommendation.

Follow these instructions to add your attorney as a service contact for the case using your firm's service contact information for him:

You will not be able to remove the instance of him as a service contact - the one added by counsel. Only the firm that added him can remove him.

You attorney will now be listed twice as a service contact for the case so he will receive two notifications of service de-selects him from being eServed. As long as the service contact for him through your firm is eServed by counsel you will receive a copy of the eServices.

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