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Customizing a case eService Notification Distribution List

Question: Can I choose who to have eService notification sent to by case? For example, on different cases I want to have different people be notified of eServices I receive for those cases.

Answer: Yes, FileTime enables you to customize the eService notification list for each of your cases.

You can jump down to that explanation now but here is a quick review of your other options for adding additional recipients of eService notifications directed to you:

Method 1

The first way is an official eFileTexas solution but it only allows you to designate one additional recipient. And, this process can only be completed by a firm eFiling Administrator. Here is a step-by-step description of the process.

Method 2

This second method is unique to FileTime and it enables you to designate an unlimited number of recipients for any eService Notifications sent to you, regardless of the service provider used by the serving counsel. This process is done by the attorney or someone logged in as the attorney.

Login at

Click My Account on the top navigation bar (Figure 1, A).

Click the drop-down arrow to the right of Notification Preferences on the sub-navigation bar (Figure 1, B).

Click eService Notifications on the drop-down menu (Figure 1, C).

You are now on the eService Notification Copies page (Figure 1).

Any names and email addresses displayed in the eService Notifications Copies section will receive eService Notification eMails from FileTime when the attorney these names and email addresses are associated with is eServed.

To add a recipient, click the +Add eService Notification button (Figure 1, D).

The Attach Firm Users to this eService Notification page opens (Figure 2).

By default, FileTime displays your firm's list of registered firm users (Figure 2, A).

You may select one (Figure 2, B) or as many users as you require.

If the individual you want to add is not found on this list, click the Add eService Notification option (Figure 2, C) and add that person to the list.

When done, click the Save and Close button (D).

You are returned to the Notification Preferences page with the new recipient(s) added to the list.

Method 3

Customize Your Additional Notifications by Case

This method is also exclusive to FileTime and it enables you to customize the eService notifications list to your legal assistants for each case.

From the Workspace tab go to the Cases page (Figure 3).

Find the case on this page and click the + sign in the far left column so it becomes a - sign (Figure 3, A).

The case tabs open below the case - click the eService Notifications tab (Figure 3, B).

FileTime will, by default, send notifications to any additional recipients you added using Method 2 above.

However, if you have added any names on this eService Notifications tab (Figure 3, C), FileTime will override those default names and send the eService notification email copies ONLY to the names on this list.

Click the Attach Case eService Contacts button (Figure 3, D) to distribute copies of eService notifications emails to additional firm members for this case.

Click the Edit button (Figure 3, E) to revise information about that recipient.

Click the Delete button (Figure 3, F) to remove a person from this list.

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