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Extend the Inactivity Logout time?

Question: Is there any way to set the amount that File Time times out to a longer period of time?  I am in and out of it several times a day (as are our other employees) and it would be helpful if it didn't time out within 15 minutes, or whatever little amount of time it is.

Answer: We can lengthen the time-out period but, There are two issues we have to consider when we do so:

  1. Reduced performance - the more people that are logged in at any one time the greater the impact could be on reduced performance by our servers. In other words, more users logged in at any one time can reduce the speed at which the system operates.
  2. Security - FileTime is a secured site and The Open Web Application Security Project's Development Guide suggests 5 minutes for highly protected applications through to no more than 20 minutes for low risk applications.

FileTime is currently set to log a user out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

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