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How to eFile a request for a copy of a case document?

Question: I need to get a copy of a case document so I called the clerk. They said I needed to submit the request by eFiling. How do I do that?

Answer: First, it is important to understand that the process of obtaining copies of case documents varies by jurisdiction. The eFiling process described below should work for nearly all jurisdictions but the smaller jurisdictions may not have seen requests like this before and may not understand what to do We also provide you some alternate ways to do the same in some jurisdictions that we have been made aware of.

Requesting Case Documents Via an eFiling

  1. Create a cover letter to upload as your lead document. Provide the name of the document for which you want a copy. Tell the clerk to update your estimate of the number of copies needed if you do not know the page count of the document. Additionally, tell the clerk whether you want they mailed back to you or held for pickup.
  2. Login at and begin a submission for the case.
  3. Select Requests as the Filing Code.
  4. Upload your cover letter as the lead document.
  5. Under Additional Court Services, click the Copies - Non Certified (or the equivalent if the jurisdiction does not provide this exact wording), enter your estimated number of pages/copies needed. Some clerks may update your filing fee based on the actual number of pages but many will not. For that reason, you might want to call the clerk's office first and get the page count in advance.
  6. If the clerk provides a postage option, and if you want the copy mailed to you, select the appropriate postage option under Court Services.
  7. Complete the submission in your normal manner but de-select the eService option if there are any eService Recipients checked to receive eService.

Alternate Methods in Selected Jurisdictions

  • Collin District Court - Go to their Courts Records Inquiry page, find the case, find the document, and download it.
  • Dallas District Court and County Court at Law- Go to their Online Record Search page, look up the case, find the document, and download it.
  • Denton District Court - Complete their Record Request Form and return it to the clerk's office.
  • Fort Bend District Court and County Court at Law- Go to their Court Records Search page, locate the case and download the needed document.
  • Harris District Court - Go to the Harris District Clerk's Purchase Copies page and order the documents you need online. You will need to create an account with the clerk's office to pay.
  • Travis District Court - Download and complete their Civil Records Request form and return it to the clerk's office. While they ask you to allow 7 -10 days for the order, eFile documents are processed much more quickly.

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