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eService not showing in Inbox

Question: I received an eService but it is not showing in my Inbox. Why not?

Answer: The three most likely reasons that you are not finding the eService in your eService Inbox are:

  1. You have not yet had any eFilings submitted in your name through FileTime. eFileTexas does not send us service providers eService information for you until you have submitted at least one filing through that service provider.
  2. Counsel sent you a courtesy copy of his/her submission and did not actually eServe you. Many attorneys erroneously use the courtesy copy feature as a substitute for formal eService. If this is the case, you have not officially been eServed and eFileTexas has not record of eService to send to FileTime.
  3. Counsel eServed you to a different email address than the email address for your eFiling account. If he/she, for instance, had your personal email address and added that email address as a non-firm service contact address for you, and eServices sent to that email address will not show up in your eFiling account associated with your business email address.

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