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Reduce the number of eFiling notification emails you receive

Question: My mailbox is bombarded with efiling emails. Is there a way that I can stop receiving them?

Answer: Yes, you can turn off all the emails you receive except the Notification of Service email you receive when you are eServed. Here are the instructions for turning off email notifications and, if you wish, having them sent to other email addresses on your behalf.

Login to FileTime at

Click My Account (A) on the top navigation bar.

Click Notification Preferences (B) on the sub-navigation bar.

Select Manage Notification Emails (C) from the drop-down menu.

Deselect (uncheck) any of the eFileManager Notifications (D) you do not wish to receive. If you are not sure what information is provided by any of the notifications hover over it and a tool tip will pop up and provide information about it.

Deselect any of the FileTime Notifications that you do not wish to receive. We provide tool tips for each of them as well.

Be sure to click the Save Changes button (E)  when you are finished and before leaving this page.

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