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FileTime Monthly Invoicing (Platinum) Plans

FileTime's Platinum Plans (monthly invoicing billing plans) will save your firm's Admin/Accounting team hours every month and take the drudgery out of that process. Our monthly invoices provide your team with an invoice along with a detail report on each eFiling and/or eService submission by your firm's team members.

This also eliminates the need for your team to badger your firm filers every month to turning in billing reports.

We have three different fees plans depending on your firm's needs and eFiling volume. Please contact us at 800-658-1233 for more information about our plans.

Platinum Plan Reports

View an example of our monthly billing plan Invoice.

View and example of a monthly billing plan Details Report.

We also can provide a details report with far more data to import directly into your firm's case management system when required.

Additional Benefit

Included with the FileTime Platinum plans is unlimited, FREE fax service. Regardless of the number of pages needed to fax service copies to counsel, there is no charge to your FileTime.

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