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Document Upload Policy - Potter County

General Information

  • Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
  • Court is NOT integrated - existing case data will not be provided to you
  • Court does not charge a recovery fee.
  • Attachments are allowed as separate documents.
  • Multiple lead documents per filing are allowed.

Initial Filings

  • Case Information Sheet does not have to be the lead document.
  • Exhibits should be submitted as attachments to the lead document in the filing.
  • Citation Requests, Copies and the like are under Court Services.
  • The filer can request copies as an optional service to be attached to the citation.
  • The addresses of the plaintiff is required. The address of the defendant is required.
  • In preparing an Original Petition all parties should be listed.

Subsequent Filings

  • Proposed orders can be eFiled as an attachment.
  • Motions should be filed as a lead document if it’s the only document being submitted.
  • Exhibits should be filed as an attachment with an appropriate lead document.
  • To request citations, etc. download the Request for Issuance form, complete it is and upload as a lead document. Order and pay for the services under Court Services.

Other Notes


Updated by Kenny Williams on 8/27/2014 as directed by April Mansfield

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