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Filing Returned for Corrections

This email is sent when a clerk cannot complete the acceptance process due to some error in the submission.

SUBJECT: Filing Returned for Correction/Rejected Notification for Case/Envelope: $$$casenumber ($$$casestyle)

The filing that was previously served to you has been returned for correction/rejected by the court and is not part of the case record.

Date Submitted: $$$datefiled
Filing Code: $$$filingcode
Filing Description: $$$filingdescription
Envelope Number: $$$envelopeid
Case Number: $$$casenumber ($$$casestyle)

Rejected Reason: $$$rejectreasoncodes

Filed By: $$$filinguser

Special Notes:
You might see a pre-authorizing on your credit card for this filing, however the funds are not taken from your account until the filing is accepted. Since this filing was not accepted, the pre-authorization amount will drop off your back in a few days. We are unable to release this authorization more quickly, but you may be able to contact your bank to see if they are able to release it more quickly.

You are responsible for notifying any parties listed as service contacts on the filing that this filing was not accepted. When you refile they will get a new file stamped copy of the accepted filing.

Do not reply to this email. This message was automatically generated by
If you need technical assistance, please contact your eFiling Service Provider.

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