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Document Upload Policy - Bell District

(This is provided for information purposes only. Due to several reasons, the information provided may have changed or can be different in certain circumstances. Contact the court for clarification).

General Information

  • Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
  • Court is not integrated. Case information for an existing case will not be provided to you.
  • Court is charging the $2 cost recovery fee.
  • Attachments are allowed as separate document.
  • Multiple lead documents per filing are not allowed.


Initial Filings

  • Case Information Sheet should be submitted as a separate filing.
  • Exhibits should be submitted as an attachment to the lead document.
  • Citation Requests, Copies and the like are under Optional Services.
  • The filer can request copies as an optional service to be attached to the citation.
  • The addresses of the plaintiffs are required. The addresses of the defendants are required.
  • In preparing an Original Petition all parties should be listed.
  • All exhibits should be uploaded separately.

Subsequent Filings

  • Items not needing a file stamp (proposed orders, notices, etc) should not have a cover letter as the lead document.
  • Non indexed case filings are accepted.
  • Proposed orders should be filed as a lead document
  • Motions should be filed as a lead document
  • Exhibits should be filed as an attachment to an appropriate lead document.
  • Upload the completed Request for Service form as the lead document in a new filing (Filing Code: Requests for Service) to request citations and the like. Order the citations(s) and copies under Court Services.

Case Information Availability

This jurisdiction’s Case Management System, (CMS) is not fully integrated into the State eFiling system.

When you are making a subsequent eFiling into an existing case for this jurisdiction your case may or may not be available in the eFiling system.

·         If your case is found the case information will be retrieved.

·         If it is not found, be sure you have properly entered the jurisdiction and case number. If so, you can proceed with the filing. You will need to provide the required case information, i.e. case category, case type and required parties.

Updated by Kenny Williams on 9/2/2014 as directed by Amber

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