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Document Upload Policy - Hidalgo County Probate

General Information

  • Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
  • Court is integrated - Case data will be provided for existing cases.
  • Court is not charging a $2 cost recovery fee.
  • Attachments are not allowed.
  • Multiple lead documents per filing are allowed.

Initial Filings

  • Case Information Sheet should be submitted as a lead.
  • Exhibits should be attached to lead document.
  • Citation Requests, Copies and the like are under under Court Services.
  • The address of the applicant's is required.
  • In preparing an Application all parties should be listed.

Subsequent Filings

  • Proposed orders should be filed as a lead document.
  • Motions should be filed as a lead document.
  • Exhibits should be filed as a lead document.
  • Upload a cover letter as the lead document to request citations and the like. Order the citation and copies under court services,

Case Information Availability

*       This jurisdiction’s Case Management System, (CMS) is fully integrated into the State eFiling system.

*       When you are making a subsequent eFiling into an existing case for this jurisdiction your case should be available in the eFiling system and your case information will be automatically imported.

*       If the case is not found, please recheck your search criteria. If the system still does not return your case, please send an email to We will contact the State eFiling system and jurisdiction to correct the issue.

Updated by Kenny Williams on 8/28/2014 as directed by Monica

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