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Why do I and my staff all receive our own eService notifications?

There are two possible reasons that you and your staff are each receiving eService Notifications:

Reason 1

At the time of a submission, if you added yourself, or other staff members, as eService Contacts their names and email addresses are added to the eFileTexas service contact list for the case.

Therefore, they are eServed along with everyone else on the eFileTexas case service contact list.

On subsequent submissions by your firm, however, we tell eFileTexas not to send eService to your own firm members.

That means that you/they only receive eService from your own firm submissions when your or they are first added to the eService Contacts list for the case.

Reason 2

You secretary, or another staff member, has been attached to your registration to receive an Administrative Copy of eService. You can find information here about how to set this up.

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