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Document Upload Policy - Denton County Court at Law

  • Motions should be filed as a separate lead document.
  • Items requiring a file stamp(petitions, motions, notices, etc.) should be submitted as a lead document.
  • Proposed orders may not be combined into one computer file with a motion or other document. A proposed order may not be the lead document in an envelope containing a motion or other document. When filed with a motion or other document, a proposed order must be filed as an attachment in the same envelope as the motion or other document. If nothins is being filed along with the proposed order, the proposed order must be the lead document.

    Request Citations, Etc.

    • If copies requested, request enough copies for all pages times the number of citations needed.
    • You do not need to attach a copy of the petition to your request.
    Case Information Availability

    *       This jurisdiction’s Case Management System, (CMS) is fully integrated into the State eFiling system.

    *       When you are making a subsequent eFiling into an existing case for this jurisdiction your case should be available in the eFiling system and your case information will be automatically imported.

    *       If the case is not found, please recheck your search criteria. If the system still does not return your case, please send an email to We will contact the State eFiling system and jurisdiction to correct the issue.

    Updated by Amanda Vogelman on 01/30/2018 as directed byJacklyn Kruger

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