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How do I delete a service contact from the Admin list?

Question: How do we remove a person who is no longer with our firm as a service contact for our firm?

Answer: This procedure can only be performed by a firm eFiling administrator.

After logging into FileTime, click the Admin button (Figure 1, A) on the top navigation bar.

Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the Services button (Figure 1, B) on the sub-navigation bar.

Click Firm Service Contacts (Figure 1, C) on the drop-down menu.

You are now on the Service Contacts page (Figure 1).

Locate the service contact and click it to highlight the name (Figure 1, D).

In the Contact Details section, click the Delete button (Figure 1, E) to delete that person as a service contact for your firm.

This will also delete this person from any cases in which he/she is listed as a service contact for your firm.

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